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Dutchway Structures

Custom Pavilions

Custom Pavilions

Custom Pavilion Options

Design your outdoor space the way you want it: with custom pavilions! Take the guesswork out of the equation with our easy-to-use feature: determine your space, pick a stain or paint, choose any posts and roofing materials, and voilà - you have the perfect pavilion! Create something unique that reflects your personal style, without breaking a sweat. Be the master of your own outdoor oasis.

Custom Shed Options

Customize your shed with a wide array of options including extra windows, ramps, cupolas, gable vents and more much more.

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Need help with site prep?

Need help with site prep for your shed? We can lay the perfect foundation for your new shed. Just call (856) 506-2287 for details.

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Proudly Made in Lancaster, PA

All our Custom Pavilions are manufactured by our experienced craftsmen for superior quality you'll appreciate.

Interested in our Custom Pavilions? Call (856) 506-2287 now or fill in the form below with any questions.